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Hand- Sliced Extremadura Ham of pigs reared in Extremadura, fed with cereals. High quality product cut by hand, totally handmade.

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Hand- Sliced Extremadura Ham  of pigs reared in Extremadura, fed with cereals. High quality product cut by hand, totally handmade. Its healing process is as follows:

  • Salting: 1 day per kilo of meat buried in common salt + 1 additional day for its type of fat, with controlled temperature and humidity.
  • Post-salting: Once removed from the salt, they are washed and incorporated into an artificial dryer for 90 days, at controlled temperature and humidity.
  • Healing: The rest of the healing of these pieces is natural, the dry winter cold and the high summer temperatures in the middle of Extremadura, make the hams acquire aromas and flavors unique in the world.
  • Winery: To make this ham special, the last months of curing are carried out in underground cellars. It is the ideal type of ham for important events and more exquisite palates.

Iberian sausages and pork are rich in high quality proteins, vitamins and essential minerals. Particularly noteworthy is the vitamin content of group B, vitamin A and minerals such as zinc, phosphorus and iron.

It reduces the risk of suffering from any chronic disease of multifactorial etiology, maintaining a healthy body weight as well as controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

They are usually products free of dyes and preservatives, especially artisanal Iberian sausages. Therefore, they keep all their nutritional properties.

They lack high fiber content, which is why they favor constipation, colitis, hemorrhoids and toxemia.

Being processed products lose virtually all their amino acids.

Jamones y Embutidos Artesanos is a company located in Higuera la Real (Badajoz), in the center of the Dehesa Extremadura and cradle of the Iberian Extremadura.

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